On a Cold Dark Sea

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Pages: 286
ISBN13: 978-1477808900



On April 15, 1912, three women climbed into Lifeboat 21 and watched in horror as the Titanic sank into the icy depths. Three strangers, brought together by tragedy.

Con artist Charlotte Digby lied her way through London and onto the Titanic. The disaster could be her chance at a new life—if she hides the truth about her past. Esme Harper, a wealthy American, mourns the end of a passionate affair and fears that everything beautiful is slipping from her grasp. And Anna Halversson, a Swedish farm girl in search of a fresh start in America, is tormented by the screams that ring out from the water. Is one of them calling her name?

Twenty years later, a sudden death brings the three women back together, forcing them to face the impossible choices they made, the inconceivable loss, and the secrets they have kept for far too long.

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"Readers will be intrigued by the mysterious Charlotte, charmed by the lovely Anna, and rooting for Esme.”
—Historical Novel Society


Charlotte Digby was a beauty. Everyone told her so, even when she was too young to know what it meant. In time, she learned to heighten the effect by widening her deep blue eyes as the faces leered down, offering a charmingly hesitant smile that made her ringlets quiver. Her looks, she quickly came to understand, were her greatest asset, an advantage to be leveraged. People assumed her perfection was a sign of inner purity, a surprisingly common belief that put them off their guard.

Reg was the only who one who saw past the fluttering eyelashes and false modesty, to the scheming beneath Charlotte’s meek exterior. You’ve the face of an angel, he’d said, not a week after they’d met, but a devilish soul. Laughing, as if it pleased him. Reg didn’t lead Charlotte to ruin; she chose her own path, herself. But Reg applauded her along the way. He alone knew what she was capable of.

Perhaps that’s why she both loved and feared him, from the very beginning.