Elizabeth Blackwell is the author of WHILE BEAUTY SLEPT, a re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty that Library Journal called “a gripping tale full of romance, secrets, and promises made and broken. This beautiful, original reinterpretation of a classic story is engrossing and often surprising.”

WHILE BEAUTY SLEPT is available at independent bookstores, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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Do You Believe in Fairy Tales?

I am not the sort of person about whom stories are told. So begins Elise Dalriss’s story. When she hears her great-granddaughter recount a minstrel’s tale about a beautiful princess asleep in a tower, it pushes open a door to the past, a door Elise has long kept locked. For Elise was the companion to the real princess who slumbered—and she is the only one left who knows what actually happened so many years ago. Her story unveils a labyrinth where secrets connect to an inconceivable evil. As only Elise understands all too well, the truth is no fairy tale.


“This debut novel puts a spellbinding twist on a classic yarn.” —Booklist

“Old-fashioned storytelling and historical fiction create a charming alchemy in this clever reimagining of Sleeping Beauty.” —People

“Faithful to the original while offering a fresh interpretation…the twists that resolve the women’s stories are both convincing and moving.” —Publisher’s Weekly